The Applecross community are absolutely delighted to announce that SSE have decided NOT to close the Bealach throughout April and May! As it stands at the moment the closures will be happening overnight (which we have fought for from the beginning) from the 11th June to around 20th of July. It will close from 6pm to 7.30am Monday to Friday. We realise this will still cause some disruption but compared to the potentially devastating impact daytime closure at the beginning of our season would cause we are extremely happy with this outcome.
I would personally like to thank Ann Fletcher and my husband Jon Glover for their tireless efforts over the last 2 months. The work they have put in was beyond the call of duty!….without it we would be in a very different place. Thanks also to Judy Fish for her hard work and for allowing Ann to work on behalf of us all. Finally a huge thank you to our MP Ian Blackford for his passionate support and for finally getting SSE to the table!

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