From 1st of March we are open from 12.00 until 10.00 pm and Pizza is served all day!


Served from 12.00pm to 9.00pm

Soup of the day £4.50

Salmon Salad £6.80

Fish & chips (Black Isle beer battered haddock, GF*) £10.95

Side Salad £3.00

Chips £3.00


Margarita £7.50

Fungi (mushrooms) £8,10

From the Garden (peppers, mushroom, asparagus, tomato) £9.90

Diablo (chorizo, pepperoni, chilli sauce) £9,80

Fiery Jack (peppers, chicken, chilli sauce, pesto) £9.50

Goats Cheese (goats’ cheese, tomato, pesto) £9,90

Hawaiian (ham, pineapple) £8,90

Napoli (ham, mushrooms) £8,80

Stromboli (double pepperoni, peppers) £8,80

Quattro Stagioni (mushrooms, ham, pepperoni, peppers) £9.50

Quattro Fromage (Morangie brie, Murder blue, goats’ cheese) £9.90

Vegan Pizza (Vegan mozzarella, tomato sauce, all vegetable) £10,20

Kids Pizza 6’’ (any topping) £6,80


Please speak to staff about your requirements before ordering.